Foundry Wood – Leamington

Foundry Wood is a small community woodland in Leamington. There is an interesting programme of special events and we went to the wood fired pizza making session.

The session was very busy and they had just run out of bases when we arrived 15 minutes before the end of the session – we had sleeping twins in the car! However, they warmed some sausage rolls we had bought with us and we sat in the circle and ate our picnic. Pizzas did look nice – they were £4 each. Hopefully we will make it on time next time!

The woodland itself has a small play area and dens and tunnels made out of logs and willow. A train runs by regularly to Reuben’s delight!

There is free parking at Victoria Park over the road. We visited the park after to play, feed ducks and eat icecream in a tea room. I didn’t realise the park was there, we usually go to Warwick or Stratford, but I think we will return in summer when they open the lido!


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