Ryton Pools – ducks & icecream

The weather forecast on Sunday was rain, rain, rain. But staying indoors leads to grumpy, grumpy, grumpy, so we headed to Ryton Pools knowing that if it was a washout we could hide in the cafe!

Who dares, wins. The weather was cool and bright for the two hours we were there. Lots of puddles so wellies and snowsuits were mandatory.

The area is safe – no cars, dogs on leads, duck area fenced off – so we opted for no buggy and we managed a lap without complaint.

Ducks, swans and geese first, then across to the bigger kids playground which we had to ourselves, probably thanks to the weather warnings. Ice cream provided the energy to walk to the new pirate themed tots park near the entrance. The new tots section opened last year and it is really good. Soft floors and plenty of climbing, swinging and sliding that required minimal rescuing!

The miniature railway in the park usually runs on Sunday, but it was closed due to the weather.

We bought some more duck food and completed our walking loop.


Carparking – £3 (make sure you have coins for the automated barrier, rises to £3.50 in summer, season tickets available.

Icecreams – £2 each (asked for an additional empty cone in case one icecream landed on the floor, so we could share and distract from with the surviving icecream!)

Duck food – 60p for a bag (available from the information centre/ shop, and it floats!)


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