Snowcubs – Snowdome

The Snowdome in Tamworth run 30 minute snowcub sessions. We went to the 11.30am session last Sunday.

We booked our spaces online on the way and arrived 30 minutes early to check in a layer up. This also meant that we got to watch the ‘tractor’ preparing the snow area.

The snow area is quite small, but there was enough to keep us busy for 30 minutes. There’s a wooden house with slides, a small slope with inflatable rings and davos style sledges to pull children around the snow on. There is plenty of snow to throw around!

We had hot chocolates and toasties in Starbucks afterwards.


Cost was £22 for all of us.

Warm clothes, socks, boots and gloves are needed. Waterproof trousers make sledging more comfortable.

Snow Cubs sessions are aimed at children under 4, there are snow play sessions for older children or mixed age sibling groups.

Iceskating or swimming sessions can be added on if you wanted a longer day out.


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